Marquee RamNavmi Special Bhajan at ISKCON BHOPAL

ISKCON Programs

Saturday Sunday Love Feast

A noble cause celebrated by all Iskcon Temples with great service attitude and devotion. Iskcon invites all for a vibrant and culturally rich experience of feast and lessons of Bhagavad Gita. Chant holy mantras and listen to the teachings of Lord Krishna every week at Saturday Sunday Love Feast.

Lifestyle Management

Our fast-paced lives in this competitive era affect our health and behaviour, giving us nothing but anger and depression problems. Hence, Iskcon has developed a lifestyle management program that teaches self-control, emotional balance, and time management. Aimed at building positive thinking, this program can help you live your life with content. 

Discover Permanent Happiness

Do you want to be enlightened by the answers to life questions that lead to eternal happiness? If you are fighting stress and grief and need permanent happiness, this is the place to be. Through these seminars, we answer questions that have challenged human intellect for eternity and offer a life-changing experience. To be enlightened by truth and for details, you can read more.


Iskcon Youth Forum

With multiple goals in mind, the Iskcon Youth Forum was formed. We believe that youngsters can bring massive changes to the world. This forum aims to gain happiness and self-fulfilment through concentration and motivation. Comprising multiple lectures on different skill sets by highly qualified faculty, the youth is invited to learn more through this forum.

Gopal Fun School

A noble cause celebrated by all Iskcon Temples with great service attitude and devotion. IskcoIn a society where children are exposed to stress, depression and violence, we understand all parent’s concerns about their child’s habits and influences. A programme specially designed for urban kids to teach them essential skills and the right attitude with fun training. 

Ashraya Groups

The Ashraya Groups Programme is aimed at helping couples in making their relationship happy and healthy. With the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, we help couples reduce marital tensions and counsel them to follow Vedic culture for a stronger married life. If you are someone seeking similar counselling, learn more about the program.

Varishtha Vaishnav

Varishtha Vsihnav forum is aimed at providing emotional and spiritual support. Specially created for elders and senior citizens, this forum helps with guidance by following the best devotional and meditational practices. Through this program, we educate senior citizens on the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita. 

Food for Life

With an aim to combat malnutrition in every corner of India, the Food For Life program is a food distribution program. The volunteers prepare food and donate to orphanages, old age homes, low-income areas, and anyone hungry. Be a part of this noble cause, and learn more to enrol.

Iskcon Girls Forum

An enjoyable and dynamic spiritual forum for young girls between 15-30 aims to spread Lord Krishna Consciousness among girls. In this forum, girls learn the value of Vedic scriptures, restore the value of our Vedas and teach best practices for a happy and stress-free life. 


Find joy in the path of selfless service infused with devotion to Krishna, where every action becomes a sacred offering, and the journey itself becomes a blissful communion with the divine.