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A fabulous stone temple in BHOPAL

ISKCON (International society for Kṛṣṇa Consciousness) is planning to build a marvelous stone temple in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. In 2013, devotees were send by his holiness bhakti vikas swami maharaj to Bhopal to begin the preaching of the timeless wisdom of vedas (bhagavad gita & Shrimad bhagavatam). Since than devotees have been struggling hard for preaching the message of bhagavad gita in every corner of Bhopal city. In 2014, one pious person, Shri Rakesh Sharma, inspired by seeing our untiring efforts, donated 3 acre land for constructing a beautiful temple of lord Kṛṣṇa. The official registry of the land was done in 2015. Around 50 lakhs were spent for the registry of the land. Some of the money came through donation and most of the amount was acquired by taking loan from some good people on the agreement of returning principal amount without any interest.
Now, we are planning to build a great temple of lord Kṛṣṇa in this land. This temple will be unique masterpiece from both the architectural and cultural point of view. From architectural point of view, the temple will be a wonderful masterpiece because of the exclusive use of traditional stone. It will be excellent blend of traditional and modern architectural style. The estimated cost of the construction project is 40 crores. Construction of this beautiful temple will be completed in 3 phases. In 1st phase, 8000 sq. ft. construction will be done which will cost around 1.5 crore. This will include a temple hall, prasadam hall, kitchen, brahmacharya ashram, etc. 2nd phase will embark the construction of magnificent stone temple. This phase will include excavation, making of solid base, construction of the full stone temple. The estimated cost of construction during this phase will be 35 Crore. In 3rd phase, there will be finishing touch and artisitic work to give a final divine appearance to the temple. The estimated construction cost during this phase will be 4 Crore.



Like every ISKCON temple this temple will also be built by funds collected from generous and pious people. Off course, people who are demoniac in nature and endowed with contaminated intelligence will never contribute for completion of this great project. Pious people with fine intelligence must agree with the undeniable importance and essential presence of a temple for a sane human society. This is the very reason that all the great kings of vedic time spent so much time, energy and money to build marvelous temple which are famous heritage sites in the present time. Vijaynagara empire, Chandragupta maurya, etc are few names in the modern times. Puranas presents the history of bygone ages where every saintly king built nice, huge and grand temples. Actually, temple used to be the center of all activities of the citizens in those days. Everyone knew the great value of human life, i.e., the opportunity of attaining the spiritual perfection, therefore, everyone made spiritual advancement. As a result, society was prosperous and peaceful. Now, more or less, human society has completely forgotten these values and has degraded to the extent of animalism. As a result, the whole society is in tremendous chaotic situation. ISKCON alone is trying to bring back the human society to the right direction by exposing the misdirected civilization and preaching the timeless wisdom of Shrimad bhagavad gita. The message of bhagavad gita is very simple , i.e., “ human life is not meant for sense gratification which is available even to hogs and dogs but only for self – realization”. This temple in Bhopal will be the place for spiritual rehabilitation of the whole population of Bhopal and nearby towns and villages. In future, people from all around the world will visit this temple because of its greatness, beauty and spiritual attraction. So, all the generous and intelligent people of the human society are requested to contribute in the construction of this grand temple, which will surely find its place in the annals of history.
Details of the 1st phase of construction project are as follows :-
Construction area – 8000 sq.ft.
Total period of construction – 10 – 12 months
Estimated cost – 1.5 crore