Temple Construction

Now, we are planning to build a great temple of lord Krishna in this land. This temple will be unique masterpiece from both the architectural and cultural point of view. From architectural point of view, the temple will be a wonderful masterpiece because of the exclusive use of traditional stone. It will be excellent blend of traditional and modern architectural style. The estimated cost of the construction project is 40 crores. Construction of this beautiful temple will be completed in 3 phases. In 1st phase, 8000 sq. ft. construction will be done which will cost around 1.5 crore. This will include a temple hall, prasadam hall, kitchen, brahmacharya ashram, etc. 2nd phase will embark the construction of magnificent stone temple. This phase will include excavation, making of solid base, construction of the full stone temple. The estimated cost of construction during this phase will be 35 Crore. In 3rd phase, there will be finishing touch and artisitic work to give a final divine appearance to the temple. The estimated construction cost during this phase will be 4 Crore.