Book are the basis

Book distribution is one of the core activities of ISKCON bhopal. Daily devotees go in train, streets and houses to distribute the books written by his divine grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta swami prahupada. You can also purchase one book and see the transformation in your life. You will get amazed by realizing the depth and clarity in the writings of his divine grace.

Book distribution

This book distribution is actually a part of our daily lives, just like… It is one of the regulative principles practically. Chant sixteen rounds, follow the four regulative principles, and distribute Prabhupäda’s books. Everyone, sometime in the day, does some book distribution or helps in some way the book distribution.
By your divine blessings, we would like to be able to increase these figures even more, and become absorbed in book distribution day and night without stopping. Everyone agrees that to distribute your books is the highest pleasure and even the demigods may take birth here just to be able to distribute your books and taste this great pleasure.”